Gratitude Stories: All Transformations

Illustration of an orange-coloured butterfly
Submitted by Sonam

I started using the Gratitude app in December 2019. Now I always think that this was my best decision to incorporate gratitude practice or being grateful for the things I have, rather than complaining about the lack.

2019 was the worst year for me, this I always thought but in reality, 2019 was the best year for me. It taught me how to love yourself, how to appreciate yourself, how to start enjoying your own company. In 2019, I faced a breakup, anxiety, stress, lack of proper sleep, mother's bad behavior towards me because of some issues.

I always wanted something that will cure, that will vanish all these tensions, this emptiness. Then I came to know of such practices which are life-changing one of them is gratitude, being grateful. Initially, I found that gratitude videos or being grateful can transform your life. After that, I need something that I can journal every day and that is also private. Eventually, I found this app.

Since then I am always being happy and cheerful. Things that bothered me earlier now seem nothing because this app teaches you to appreciate everything around you. I always pay thanks to god for fresh air, sun rays, running water, food on the plate, and also for my breakup because it taught me everything.

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