Gratitude Stories: Attitude of Gratitude

Illustration with three colourful butterflies
Submitted by Molly

Before I discovered the power of gratitude, I was a lost soul. I had lost custody of my child, lost my home and my car, and had entered into rehab... Literally, I had lost everything. But no matter how bad things became, I kept hearing that it could be worse. At the times this was not exactly what I wanted to hear but regardless, I tucked the info into the back of my brain.

The more that I began to experience gratitude, the more that I felt the need to write down my thoughts and my feelings to see if it was improving. I found the Gratitude app and downloaded it, unsure if it would be another app that you would have to pay for and that was limited. Although it is a little bit limited unless you buy the Pro version, I have realized after days of regularly updating my feelings and thoughts that this app is worth it (so far). Nowadays, I have many goals and plans that will be achieved, even if it takes a little bit longer than I would like it to be.

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