Gratitude Stories: Feeling Alive

Here is Veronica's gratitude story of appreciating everything and everyone around her with the lens of gratitude.

Illustration of an orange shooting star
Submitted by Veronica

Hello everyone, I've spent a week using the Gratitude app.

Before I started using it, I was not grateful for anything around me. I didn't appreciate anyone around me. I was full of negativity.

Just a week ago, I sat myself down and told myself that I need to be grateful for what I have at the moment because I realized that my sadness was getting out of control.

My sadness inspired me to stand and fight for emotional intelligence.

I discovered this in the Play Store. I am using it to remind myself daily that it's important to be grateful and appreciate everything and everyone around me despite the small circumstances in my life.

The negativity I used to have is eventually disappearing. I am currently happy. And my relationships with other people have improved.

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