Gratitude Stories: God's Way

Here is an inspirational story of gratitude by Latifia.

A brown and yellow flower
Submitted by Latifia

I sinned and kept ignoring God's call, I went to church with one of my stepfather's niece and I tell you it changed me (I thought).

For a while I was giving God the praise He deserved but then I turned back, I started to sin again.

My life was rough. I had bad reports and I'd been absent from online school for many days.

I wanted to practice gratitude because I need to be thankful in life and give praise to God the Almighty and the Highest One.

I found the Gratitude app by scrolling on the Google Play Store and decided to download it.

To be honest it's helping me out counting my many blessings. I became happier and I was overwhelmed when I saw how effective this app was, everything changed.

My soul is blessed and cleansed. I encourage everyone to download this app.

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