Gratitude Stories: Gratitude Journey

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Submitted by Lesa

Like all of us living our lives, I have had trauma. There are little traumas and big traumas. Because of a big trauma in my life, I have been on a journey to live my best version of myself for the past three years. I’ve read many things that resonate with my soul. Because of these readings and explorations, I have learned much, but not until I connected that knowledge is not the same as practicing that knowledge, did I find myself transforming into the future self I have always intended to be. There are many things this past year that I have begun to practice. One of them is truly being grateful. I have read this for many years. That to live a life of gratitude will transform your life with joy, love and compassion, and self-love. I journaled, I set daily positive affirmations, I meditated every day, and still do these things. But once I started using the Gratitude app every day by finding it on a school district's website, could I deeply feel the transformations happening in my life! I was grounded, felt more joy, was able to tune out the stinking thinking and turn on the self-love, self-acceptance, the joy and beauty life had to offer me! Something inside this app is magical and I have so much gratitude for coming across it!

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