Gratitude Stories: Gratitude

Illustration of a purple smiling heart
Submitted by Laquaysia Bobbitt

I remember when my life first took a turn for the worst. I realized I was not a good mother. I was dwelling over my past decisions and hated myself for them. I would randomly engage with guys to make myself feel better. Or I would turn to substance abuse when all else failed. Until I fully accepted what I had done.

I faced all my fears and I'm moving forward. I remember the lessons my past taught me. I remember how my downfalls made me feel and I would never do it again. I'm grateful. I'm showing gratitude. I'm happy I woke up this morning still healthy. I'm happy my children woke this morning. I'm not afraid of moving forward. I make smarter decisions now. I am more focused on myself and where I want to be. I'm just thankful I learned my lesson. I'm not staying stuck dwelling on unfortunate events in my life. I'm moving on.

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