Gratitude Stories: How I Found Peace

Illustration of a peaceful turquoise little bird
Submitted by Nadine

I sat down one day reflecting on my life and realized that I was nowhere close to where I thought I would be.

I went over in my head: a failed relationship, failure to accomplish goals, and it made me sad and somewhat depressed. I made a decision then to start a self-motivating journal.

It was hard to keep up with so one day I decided to search my phone for an app that I can go to throughout the day. I found the Gratitude app in 2017.

Using this app has changed my outlook on life. It has made me a stronger person and more appreciative of everything in my life and the people around me.

I am more at peace and look forward to every new day and having faith in being thankful to God for the beautiful universe and people he has created is enough to be thankful for.

I say thank you for your hard work in creating this app for me and the many people who use it. God's blessing on you.

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