Gratitude Stories: I am grateful that you love me

Here is an inspirational story of gratitude from dave.

Illustration of three fluttering butterflies
Submitted by Dave

I felt that before using the Gratitude app. I believed that there was always something good about every person and every situation I was in (good or bad).

I was inspired to focus on gratitude because it was so much negativity happening in the world. I was sick and tired of it.

I did not want ingratitude to be a part of my nature, whenever I had an opportunity to thank someone for a deed done or not, I would.

I came upon the Gratitude app because I wanted to do something that helped me focus on the little things that happen in life that I took for granted.

I believe things like: waking up the next day, water for a bath, soap, money, car, friends, family, etc.

My mindset definitely changed I wrote cards, sent e-mails, and expressed to others, why I was thankful for them.

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