Gratitude Stories: LOST

Here is Deepankita's gratitude story of slowly moving towards loving herself with gratitude and healing. Small steps make all the difference...

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Submitted by Deepankita

I was a very healthy kid enjoying life.

Then came board exams and stress increased in my life.

I became a total introvert and started to rely on food as a stress buster. I slowly started to gain weight and then health issues. PCOD/PCOS, don't know what all.

I was told to lose weight in order to be healthy and I got stuck with ED yeah!!! My eating disorder.

Over-exercising plus under-eating stuck in my whole life.

Somehow college kept me going and then came COVID.

24 hrs at home, focusing on food, weighing myself. I started to feel exhausted and hated life.

Lost a lot of weight, starting from 65 to 43 kgs, but was still happy somehow, and then I lost my periods again.

It's been a year now until this month I decided to love myself and focus on recovery. I'm getting better. Doing yoga, thinking positively, and being grateful for my family...

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