Gratitude Stories: Love is the answer

A purple and pink heart of leaves
Submitted by Mary

I began using the Gratitude app a few years ago. I was in the initial stages of recovery from addiction and.. let's just say a very long dark night of the soul, but by the grace of God shortly after I got sober, I was given two beautiful boys. I knew I had to stay sober for good now.

They always talk about staying grateful in recovery and I knew that if I had the reminders on my phone it would make it a lot easier for me to remember to do so. I think I have 435 days total on this phone but I believe I had to download a new app when I got my latest phone so I know there were more days than that.

Gratitude not only helped saved my life, but I believe it gave a better one to my children. It transformed my entire way of thinking and by proxy, my entire life. How I view the world... It hasn't always been easy. I lost my mother this past October. It was pretty sudden and unexpected, and definitely before her time... Something so big could have sent me right back out to using but instead I used gratitude to transmute the whole situation. Instead of suffering, I was able to be grateful and even in the worst of situations, it got me and those around me through. I am forever grateful for this app!! I tell people about it all the time!! It really is the secret of the universe!!✌♥️🌌🙌

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