Gratitude Stories: My life in a minute

Here is a real-life inspirational story of gratitude by Queen Vita.

Illustration of a pink smiling heart
Submitted by Queen Vita

My vibrations before gratitude were that I was living in gratitude and gratefulness. I strategically decided to change my vibrations in 2003.

I knew that my energetic body was programmed for failure. I consulted my higher power for support and guidance as to how would I achieve my goal of cleansing my energy body.

As the saying goes.

Ask and it is given.

I was given the gift of patience to experience my bitter-sweet energies, recognize and exhale.

Recognize and inhale.

I changed my energies one heartbeat at a time.

It is so fulfilling.

I am fulfilling.

The Gratitude app is a continuation of my happiness in 2021 and beyond.

I am grateful. Thank you.

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