Gratitude Stories: My Morning 10/10/10

Illustration showing the morning sky
Submitted by Jadzia

I remember the days when as soon as I would wake up things would irritate me and go wrong throughout the day. Suddenly I remember my mom saying go back to bed if you get up on the “left foot" and start your day.

I was introduced to the Gratitude app. It helped me to calm down. Later I heard someone talking about 10/10/10 I asked what it meant and realized I could create my own ritual.

I have 10 fingers so can count at least 10 things I am grateful for when I wake up. Then I know I have 10 toes that are strong as my legs carting me around therefore I started naming all good characteristics about me. After that, I sit quietly for 10 min. And that’s my ritual now to start my day. I also open the app with gratitude. Life has been calmer for me. I see things happen at the right moments and I am grateful for finding all that.

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