Gratitude Stories: My Steps

Illustration of a small, pink bird
Submitted by Akinyi

I try to think of my life before I started practicing gratitude and see that I took so much for granted. I was also in the pursuit of happiness and the same seemed quite elusive. I thought life was all about being serious with all you did that I forgot to have fun doing it.

I experienced so much sadness inside but always tried to maintain a cheerful exterior. I knew my life was on a downward spiral then I started looking for motivational materials to keep abreast. Voila, I discovered the Gratitude app and started posting the Daily Zen on my WhatsApp status irrespective of how I was feeling. I would remind myself to at least find something I was grateful for each day and really feel the pleasure inside of me.

I had made so much progress, then two years ago I lost my mum. I was really sad and I moved from being really grateful to being really angry. I thought life was so useless that it didn't matter how one lived it. Out of the blue, a friend invited me to Deepak Chopra's 21 Day Gratitude Challenge. Amazing experience it was. I finally found myself. I have been practicing meditations and keep reminding myself that in every situation if I look for the good, it's always right there within my grasp. I am more grateful than I ever have been and enjoying life more. I smile more, laugh more, and let go more easily. I am leaving a fulfilled life😊😊

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