Gratitude Stories: Productivity

Illustration of a sparkling pink stone
Submitted by Hethal Lloyd

I chose this app to be part of my journey of gratitude and when I was going through this I feel like my life was complete. I learn something new when I am writing or through this beautiful thing, I find myself doing something productive. This is gratitude because I want to do something productive and to make my life beautiful and this Gratitude app inspired me.

I found this app on my App Store when I just search gratitude journal and this app was very useful for me. I just write in this app daily and I found that it is the most wonderful thing I ever had and this app gives more impact on my happiness. If there were changes that happened in my life, I was happier than ever before and all my negative thoughts from my brain just disappeared and it was filled with positiveness. The Journal part of this app and Daily Zen helps me a lot in improving my life.

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