Gratitude Stories: Thank you, Danielle

Here is an inspirational real-life story of gratitude by Bess.

Illustration of a bouquet with yellow flowers
Submitted by Bess

A few years ago, a former patient of mine shared with me, the Gratitude app.

I want to take this opportunity to say, thank you for teaching me and providing me with resources of online apps such as the Gratitude app.

Working in Primary Care, at the Federally Qualified Health Center, and at an outpatient chemical dependency treatment program, I have had an opportunity to share with many other patients and colleagues the information about the Gratitude app.

I, myself, find gratitude to be a wonderful and powerful tool in my personal and professional life.

By taking your time to share the information to teach me about the Gratitude app, you have helped many others to improve their lives.

Thank you again, Danielle, for allowing me to be with you for those few years and to see you succeed in life by taking care of your health. Now Forever Grateful.


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