Gratitude Stories: Thank you Grace

Here is a real-life inspirational story of gratitude by Claire.

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By Claire

Before I began this journey of writing in the Gratitude app I was in a tumultuous place.

I had no love life, no family of my own, and had just been fired from a really good job that I both enjoyed and worked very hard at. I was living in a dark veil of self-doubt and negative thinking.

No matter how hard I tried I couldn't shake it. I finally spoke with my good friend about the way things were going and she suggested I create a gratitude journal...

I am the sort that uses their phone for a lot of things these days so thought there MUST be an app for this sort of thing... I was in luck.

Since using the Gratitude app my problems haven't miraculously melted away, I've still no love life, or family of my own but... I can cope.

I'm a more compassionate person (something I thought I'd lost) and a more vulnerable loving and trusting person.

And I now work for myself and p/t at a really cool music academy. The complete feeling and self-care is something that was missed for a long time.

Not everything is perfect and suppose it never will be but I can honestly say I've become happier and find it a bit simpler to see the good now. For that I am grateful.

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