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Submitted by Swathi

Hello, my name is Swathi and I am doing gratitude practice for the last 2 years now. Before my gratitude practice, I had a habit of constantly thinking about the negative outcomes of the situations, and also if something didn't happen how I thought it should be then I used to get dissatisfied and disappointed easily. I was doing my graduation with no clue about what I really wanted to do in my life. I started gratitude journaling 2 years back when I read the book 'The Secret' and 'The Magic' by Rhonda Byrne and decided to compete for those gratitude challenges because I wanted my life to change completely in a good way. Trust me it happened. At first, it was difficult to give gratitude but then it became my habit. My life now is completely changed, I have started my own business as well. Being grateful inspired me to be thankful for what I have and it attracted positivity and miracles in my life. The only thing that I had trouble with was carrying my journal where I traveled and one day while randomly searching something I got this app. I downloaded it and from then it has become my go-to app. Previously, whenever I had to wait for someone or travel I used to pass my time on social media but now I start listing things for which I am grateful. It is amazing how it uplifts my vibes❤️.
I absolutely love the Daily Zen section, I read it daily. Also, I can attach pictures to my journal and I love that. It is not just words but pictures that make journaling interesting. I have turned on the notification for mornings and I journal then. The affirmation feature is very useful as I use it for my affirmations and repeat them in front of my mirror. I have manifested so many things using gratitude. My mobile, new friends, discounts, gifts, etc. I have recommended this app to my clients in my business as well. It's absolutely brilliant. Thank you so much now gratitude is the way of my life.🙏

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