100 Law of Assumption Affirmations for Your Dream Life

In this post, you will find 100 law of assumption affirmations!

The Law of Assumption is a means of manifesting desires by having a state of mind and the feeling that those desires, wishes, and aspirations have been fulfilled.

Neville Goddard (who introduced this law), explains that achieving the desired goal has everything to do with your state of mind rather than mere action.

Another essential part of the law is faith or belief, meaning, to see an assumption’s actual manifestation, one must not just assume it is being fulfilled but also believe it is already so. (source)

So, here are your 100 law of assumption affirmations:

Law of Assumption Affirmations

  1. I am ready for a new way of living.
  2. As I assume, I create.
  3. I am the exception.
  4. My thoughts create my reality.
  5. I am a winner.
  6. I am the author of my story.
  7. I am persistent.
  8. There is nothing that is out of reach for me.
  9. When I envision it, I manifest it.
  10. I am in control of my thoughts, feelings, and emotions.
  11. I can create anything that is possible with the power of the Law of Assumption.
  12. I have the power to manifest anything.
  13. I constantly attract great opportunities.
  14. My thoughts are creating reality every moment of every day.
  15. I let go of negativity and limiting beliefs.
  16. If I can assume it, I can create it.
  17. Nothing can stop me from manifesting my desires.
  18. I assume I am the person I wish to be.
  19. I can create anything I desire by assuming the feeling of my wish has already been fulfilled.
  20. I act like I already have my perfect life.
  21. I am destined for greatness and my success is inevitable.
  22. I am endlessly persistent in the pursuit of my dreams.
  23. I am proud of myself.
  24. I am a powerful creator.
  25. The Universe is on my side, supporting me in all that I do.
  26. My life is unfolding perfectly for me right now.
  27. My assumptions are creative and powerful.
  28. I am capable of manifesting my desires.
  29. I assume the best for me and for others.
  30. I love myself.
  31. My thoughts are positive and uplifting.
  32. I am the creator of my reality.
  33. My external reality is a direct reflection of my internal state.
  34. As I assume, so it will be.
  35. Change begins on the inside.
  36. I hold the key to reality.
  37. I can rewrite my story easily.
  38. I assume the highest and best for myself.
  39. I am that I am.
  40. I receive what I believe.

Inspiring Law of Assumption Affirmations

  1. I have decided to get out of my own way.
  2. Nothing stops me from manifesting what I desire.
  3. My world is a projection of my consciousness.
  4. Persistence is key.
  5. Persistence is my greatest strength.
  6. I persist despite what my physical senses tell me.
  7. I live from the end.
  8. I know my desire is already accomplished.
  9. My desire is already here.
  10. If I can feel it, I can have it.
  11. It feels good to assume the best.
  12. I already have what I want.
  13. I let go and allow my desire to manifest effortlessly.
  14. I dare to assume.
  15. My assumptions serve my highest good.
  16. I shape my assumptions to my liking.
  17. I deny the power of fear and negativity.
  18. I am willing to suspend my disbelief.
  19. My reality reflects my beliefs.
  20. I am ready for radical change.
  21. I assume, and I receive.
  22. I’m staying persistent and pushing through.
  23. I am letting go of my worries one at a time.
  24. I can easily align myself with abundance.
  25. I am at peace with my past.
  26. I am open to receiving what I’ve been asking for.
  27. I welcome positive change into my life.
  28. I assume only the best for myself.
  29. I have the ability to design the life I want.
  30. I am worthy and deserving of my dreams.
  31. I am so grateful for my wonderful life.
  32. I’m making the life I want.
  33. My assumptions reflect my reality.
  34. If I can feel it, I can manifest it.
  35. What I want already exists in my reality.
  36. I deserve all the good things in life.
  37. My desires are valid.
  38. Everything is possible for me.
  39. I control the trajectory of my life.
  40. Surely, my desires are accomplished.
  41. What I can feel is already mine.
  42. Nothing can hold me back.
  43. My reality is what my consciousness says.
  44. My consciousness is a subject of my belief.
  45. I believe my assumptions are true.
  46. I have the power to assume the best.
  47. I have immense positive energy.
  48. I’m thriving no matter my circumstances.
  49. I’m fearless.
  50. What I assume will manifest.
  51. My manifestation is an unstoppable force.
  52. I am bold to assume.
  53. I hold the key to my manifestation.
  54. I am powerful.
  55. I am strong.
  56. I feel my desires are manifesting.
  57. I always persevere.
  58. No one can be in my way without my permission.
  59. I give permission for all I desire to come to me.
  60. My desires are good for me.

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