Aditi's story - True Version of Myself

"That's why I was taking out my anger on them but the reverse was happening because they were always trying to prove to me that I am wrong."

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Aditi: I used to scream a lot. I was not happy with anything, that I recall. And right now, when I have been practicing gratitude, I have been a lot happier than before. I find happiness in little aspects.

It is so beautiful and so good that I say thank you to people for anything they did for me, a single message in WhatsApp is something I will thank them.

My personality has changed a lot during practicing this app. And yes, it is worth it. People should practice gratitude. It is very good.

Aarushi: So you had a huge transition, let's get to know more about that time when you were facing this anger. And you used to express to others what was going on during that time? What did you want people to understand?

Aditi: Yes, I wanted my parents, or the society around me, or the friends around me to understand my emotions.

That's why I was taking out my anger on them but the reverse was happening because they were always trying to prove to me that I am wrong.

So I was scared about how I will express to them, how I will tell them the things that are going on in my mind. So Gratitude became a platform for me to express everything.

And yes, it changes my whole mood and whole scenario within that time. See, happiness is a choice made by man.

So, the point is that if you are busy and engrossed in seeing all the negative things in your life, then you cannot be a happy individual. Everyone wants a happy life but does not want to put the effort into being happy.

They are always focusing on the negative things that are happening around them and that is happening in their life.

In day-to-day life there is going to be a small thing that you are neglecting, you are not seeing and Gratitude is a platform that tells you to see those things clearly.

It makes your mindset like that. And that is why you should practice gratitude every day.

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Aditi's story - True Version of Myself
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