Affirmations for letting go 💛 Guide to setting boundaries💜 Shivani's story

Hey grateful people! Happy to see you again 🤗

Hope that you're all doing very well and living life gratefully.

Here are last week's highlights for you:

Mindful Monday

Last Monday, we practiced affirmations for letting go of the past. These affirmations are part of my free 21 Day Self Love Course and are helpful in supporting us as we let go of the negativity of the past and choose to learn from our experiences:

  1. I am appreciating myself for learning all the good things from the past.
  2. I let go of all the barriers and hurdles that come in my way to success.
  3. I let go of all the negative thoughts that affected my past.
  4. I am trusting the phases of life and releasing the past with ease.
  5. I am grateful for knowing about the reality of many things in my past.
  6. I am releasing all the painful thoughts of my past.
  7. I am converting my past into my future very positively.
  8. I am releasing all the things from my past that are not for me.
  9. I am forgiving myself for my mistakes in my past.
  10. I am now living my life the way I want to.

Dive into a short mindful session of these affirmations below:

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Wise Wednesday

“You teach people how to treat you by what you allow, what you stop, and what you reinforce.”
— Tony Gaskins

Last Wednesday, we learned about setting boundaries. Setting boundaries is about letting yourself and others know what is acceptable and unacceptable to you.

As we meet new people, we need to have some set-in-stone methods to help us and this post will guide you through.

Here are my 3 tips on setting boundaries:

  1. Know that you don’t have to prove anything
  2. Understand your needs
  3. Speak positive affirmations

Listen to me explain all the points below:

Or, listen on Apple Podcasts. Also, here's the blog post:

3-step Guide to Setting Boundaries for a Balanced, Authentic life
Learn how to set healthy boundaries and live life on your own terms.

Thankful Thursday

Here we had Shivani sharing her story about how gratitude helped her open up her heart to appreciate the beauty in everyone.

"My life is all about before gratitude and after gratitude. Before gratitude, I was a person who did not talk to people or get to know them. I was being with myself all the time, but I used to feel so alone and depressed.

I did not take the chance to understand people or appreciate them. And after gratitude, when I was introduced to this beautiful feeling, I just started seeing beauty in everything."

Tap below to listen to her full story:

Or, listen on Apple Podcasts. And, here's the written version of it:

Shivani’s story - Art of winning hearts with Gratitude
“I understood that there is something special in everybody, and we should appreciate that.”

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