Akshita's Story - My gratitude journey

"It made me realize my true purpose."

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So it began last year when I heard a podcast from a content creator, Kritika Khurana. I am mentioning her name here because unknowingly she has brought gratitude into my life.

After listening to her podcast, I searched for an app that could help me be grateful. I made sure that the app had a journal tab as well because my aim for 2023 was to journalize everything.

I'm doing it, although sometimes I lose consistency. But I would like to say that practicing gratitude has made me realize the value of things, from small tiny things to some really big things in my life.

It has made me more kind, more positive, and more confident. Yes, it has made me more confident. Now I can literally talk to anyone unknown with a smile.

It made me realize my true purpose, or I could say, one of my purposes in life. I love helping people more now. Everywhere I go, I meet good people with pure intentions.

I am an HR professional, and in such a profession, we are taught to be strict with employees and lack empathy. But gratitude, as I said, has made me kinder and truer to my heart. I like being real.

At the start of my gratitude journey, I lost my friend. She kind of showed her true colors to me.

Practicing gratitude and meeting babies, yes, I literally meet small little babies and feel grateful to them because I am someone who gives it all from the heart.

I used to find my friends in those little kids because at least they are so pure and kind. And then I started to be kinder and more helpful because why should I lose myself?

So I started being grateful for every little thing, from meeting these cute little babies to two ladies in the metro who had suffered from an accident.

They are disabled, but I don't want to use that word for them because they both are doing such a commendable job. They both are working, and I am in touch with both of them.

Kamaljeet Mam is working in Doordarshan, and Bharti Mam is doing a job in Noida Sec 22. I forgot to mention, I met the babies and these two in the Delhi metro only.

They literally gave me so much strength when I think of them, and also so much positivity. They are fully abled, seriously, for bringing that smile and confidence to anyone.

So I would like to mention today's incident as well. I helped an uncle today in the metro. Basically, I was sitting in the ladies-only seat, and an old uncle came, so I gave my seat to him.

It's not a big thing, but mostly I have seen not everyone does it. But here, I would like to say, please give your seat to anyone in need; don't just go by what is written over there. Trust me, I felt so good and positive.

Right now, I am very confident that my day is going to be the best day. I love helping that uncle; I got so many blessings from the universe. I am grateful for that.

And yes, coming to my professional life, I am grateful that being an HR, I am so lucky to help all my lovely, amazing employees. HRs, please be kind to your employees; they are also just like you, facing the same issues and problems.

But that's what makes us all human as well. I love practicing gratitude, and I hope everyone will love it too. I have been grateful for my partner as well. We are inseparable.

Currently, he (Deepanshu ❤) is in Dehradun for an office trip, but practicing gratitude has made me realize and respect our relationship even more. I miss him a lot, but he is going to be back soon, so grateful for that. I am grateful to the universe that he is safe and coming back to me tonight.

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