Andrea's Story - Gratitude is the answer

"I was asking all those questions to the wrong part of me: my mind."

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Gratitude is not only an emotion or a mood.‌‌
Gratitude is not only an attitude or a lifestyle.‌‌
Gratitude is the answer.

Gratitude is the answer when you ask yourself, "Why am I going through this?"

I faced so many hard times when my mind didn't find an answer to betrayal, deception, abuse, and disillusionment that I was experiencing day by day.

I was being sucked into a horrible depression by my whirlwind of unanswered questions: "Why me?", "What have I done to deserve this?", "What's the point of life if in the end, it's just pain and loss?"

Then the answer came to me as a miracle, and I am so grateful!

One day, I realized I was asking all those questions to the wrong part of me: my mind.

The mind needs to rationalize everything and find logical answers that are meaningful in the present. But when the same mind sees the present as desperate and dark, no answer will ever work.

It is a mechanism, the rational one, that continues to keep you trapped in the painful situation you are experiencing and which you would just like to forget.

In the worst case, desperation can lead you to find the worst rational answer: "suicide."

‌‌I am so grateful that I woke up, understanding that all those questions should be addressed elsewhere: my heart!

In my heart, I found faith and hope, the awareness of being a small part of an immense universe that spreads love in all its manifestations.

It was a sunny day, and I felt grateful for the pleasant sensation that the rays of the early morning sun offered to my skin. I connected with a grateful emotion... It was a fleeting moment, but infinite energy can be generated from a single, apparently insignificant instant: looking out the window, within that feeling of gratitude, I saw a hummingbird feeding from the flowers on my balcony.

I felt lightness and abundance. The sun was warming not just me; it also nourished the flowers that nourished the hummingbird and nourished my heart with the pleasure of observing them.

I felt a strange sensation.

I was no longer separated from the experience I was seeing. I was part of that experience in a feeling of wholeness and belonging.

I felt like the flower nourished by the sun, and I felt like the hummingbird tasting the pollen, and I felt like myself, amazed by everything, and finally, I felt like the sun that gave love and life to everything, fearless of "scattering" its energy.

My heart had given me the answer: GRATITUDE is the answer!

When I started to look around me, connecting with gratitude in my heart, everything was great, and my emotional state changed, making me feel happiness and plenitude. It was not so immediate, but after a year of working on myself, I achieved a complete state of happiness, peace, and joy despite all the situations outside me.

The experiences that others saw as negative, I read in a different way: I was grateful for the learning I was receiving from those experiences.

Gratitude is a magical word, the answer that, like an "abracadabra," will allow you to access the immeasurable treasures of trust, joy, happiness, and plenitude.

And the Gratitude app is amazing. I love the way it supports me in connecting with gratitude at the beginning of my new way of being. I also take many photos to document the things I am grateful for.

Thanks, thanks, thanks,‌‌

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