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"It seemed as though the universe had turned its back on me."

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When I was young, I would talk to the universe all the time.

“Tell me what my purpose is.”

“What is my special mission here on earth?”

These questions would always linger at night; especially when I looked up at the stars.

I was a cool kid growing up, living by the Mediterranean sea in beautiful Israel.

All the adult kids and ultimately everyone liked me. I was loved.

When I turned 21, I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. A sickness that would plague my young, adult life.

All of a sudden, I was no longer the cool kid - I was someone who needed mental help.

I lost many connections during this time due to my inability to control my mind.

When I looked up at the stars, I no longer asked, “What can I do to fulfill your will, Universe?”

Instead, I said, “You have abandoned me, G0d.”

For many years I would have a hole in my heart as I watched friends leave my side. For many years I felt alone.

It seemed as though the universe had turned its back on me.

Just as I lost all hope, which amounted to 15 years of roaming life in solitude, I met a man. And, with this man, I bore a son.

Never in my wildest dreams had I thought I would have children. I thought I would find a soulmate, and my life would be complete.

But, now, as I look at this boy, I realize that my mission on earth is to raise this child.

The universe has spoken back to me and given me my “why.”

Today, I am a single mother, living each day with a great blessing: a beautiful baby boy.

I have now made it my career mission to protect children by joining a meaningful nonprofit where I contribute with my analytical and writing skills.

My mission, now, is to raise self-aware, confident children. My mission is to raise my own self-aware, confident boy.

Thank you, Universe, for giving me all those years I was alone to hone my craft.

It appears as though you were with me all along. And, you have rewarded me with my son, and with wisdom, which I can now share with the world.

I must’ve done something right. Thank you. I look forward to co-writing more of my story, with You.

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