100 Birth Affirmations to Support and Strengthen You

Support yourself with encouraging words as you go through the experience of giving birth.

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Today I bring to you birth affirmations. These affirmations are for soon-to-be mothers to help support themselves during the birthing process.

Birth affirmations are useful in helping you face the emotions and experience of giving birth and keeping a positive mindset regarding the birth process.

How to Use Birth Affirmations

  1. Speak them to yourself. You can use our Gratitude app to write them down, record your voice to it, and play them.
  2. Ask someone close to repeat them to you during contractions.
  3. Print and paste them on the walls in the hospital room.

Birth Affirmations

  1. Birth is powerful. I will let it empower me.
  2. I am strong and capable.
  3. I can do this!
  4. With each deep breath, I feel better and better.
  5. I feel confident.
  6. I feel safe.
  7. I am present. I am doing this. We are doing this.
  8. I trust my body to know what to do.
  9. I feel secure.
  10. I am my best source of inspiration.
  11. I can overcome any obstacle.
  12. I respect myself and my intentions.
  13. I can achieve everything I set out to do.
  14. I am strong and full of self-belief.
  15. I believe in my abilities.
  16. I am on my way to great things.
  17. I have incredible potential.
  18. I control my destiny.
  19. I’m grateful for my potential.
  20. I am visualizing my child in my arms.
  21. I can do this, baby!
  22. I’m dilating – there’s plenty of room for my baby.
  23. I dilate easily, effortlessly and painlessly.
  24. I trust my body and my instincts.
  25. I let go and open up.
  26. I give birth with women all over the world.
  27. I let my uterus work in peace.
  28. I let go and I am safe.
  29. I can handle anything. I know I can.
  30. My body is strong and capable of giving birth.
  31. Every contraction brings me closer to my baby.
  32. I inhale strength and exhale tension.
  33. I take one contraction at a time with my breathing.
  34. I’m prepared and ready.
  35. I can give birth.
  36. My baby and I work together during birth.
  37. I am getting closer and closer to holding my baby.
  38. I’m so excited to see my baby.
  39. I have all the strength I need.
  40. I am staying strong for my baby.
  41. I’m excited to give birth and meet my baby.
  42. I am capable of giving birth.
  43. I accept myself completely.
  44. I am surrounded by love and support.
  45. This is the best birth for our family.
  46. I am prepared for whatever birth my body and my baby need.
  47. The safe delivery of my baby is the most important thing.
  48. I am giving my baby the best birth possible.
  49. I am ready to meet my baby.
  50. Me and baby are safe.
  51. Birth is miraculous however it happens.
  52. My baby will arrive at the perfect time.
  53. My body is ready.
  54. My body is prepared.
  55. My body knows what is best for me.
  56. Every surge of my body brings my baby closer to me.
  57. So many mothers could do this, I can too.
  58. I am doing so well!
  59. This is going perfectly.
  60. My body opens softly and easily.
  61. I have everything the baby needs.
  62. I am relaxing.
  63. I am releasing.
  64. I am opening.
  65. This is easy for me.
  66. This is natural for me.
  67. I can do this easily.
  68. I am brave.
  69. My baby and I work as a team.
  70. I am feeling blessed to give birth.
  71. I am powerful.
  72. I am so much stronger than I think I am.
  73. I trust myself to do this.
  74. I trust my body completely.
  75. My baby will be born beautifully.
  76. My body is designed to do this.
  77. I am grateful to be here finally.
  78. I have waited a long time for this and it is a beautiful moment.
  79. I am so close to meeting my baby.
  80. I can feel my baby coming closer to me.
  81. I can overcome the pain.
  82. The pain is about to end.
  83. I can bear this for my baby.
  84. I can do this for my baby.
  85. I am patient.
  86. I am safe, my baby is safe.
  87. I am proud of myself.
  88. I am ready to love my baby more than I can imagine.
  89. I can do this to finally meet my baby.
  90. It’s getting better.
  91. It’s getting easier.
  92. I am doing this.
  93. I can surmount the pain
  94. I am letting my body support me.
  95. My body is opening like a flower.
  96. I am breathing is relaxation.
  97. I will get through this beautifully.
  98. I give myself permission to feel this way without judgment.
  99. It’s okay. Everything will be fine.
  100. I am in control.

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Aarushi Tewari

Aarushi Tewari

The writer and affirmations speaker at Gratitude, Aarushi believes that one of the most effective ways of feeling inner peace is by being grateful and having a loving self-relationship.

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