Connie's Story - My attitude shows gratitude!

"Depression runs in my family..."

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No one goes through life planning to be a negative person. Although it can be a real challenge to get through the tough obstacles we are faced with in life with a positive mindset. But to be happy, I've learned that gratitude is a must. To live on life's terms means to accept the reality of your situation and deal with it in a constructive way. Our goal is to make choices that reflect positivity.

It wasn't until I saw my own negativity that I realized I needed a reality check. Depression runs in my family, so I always believed that I was never going to be able to see the good in things or the better. I decided that maybe medicine could make me happy. But then I realized that only I could do that.

That's when I made a goal to become more grateful and decided that it was time for a change. I began with daily, positive affirmations. I wrote a bunch on Post-its and stuck them to the wall next to my bed so I'd see them first thing in the morning and then again at night.

I then came across the Gratitude app and started writing every day. I began meeting new people and making friends to create a support network for myself. It was not long after that I began opening up, stepping out of my comfort zone, and creating a social life for myself, which brought back my confidence! I had become the motivated, appreciative, positive, and grateful person I wanted so badly. My gratitude journal is a daily ritual for me, and I always have a book to write about my gratitude!

Being grateful for even the little things changes your perspective in life, makes you a happier person, and builds your confidence. Positive thinking is essential for your entire mindset. I couldn't be happier with the person I am today. Everyone is grateful for something, but with the wrong mindset, we don't care about them. Even if you're going through tough times, it can be hard to see the good in things, but being grateful for the little things is what holds me together.

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Team Gratitude

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