Brianna's Story - Change Won't Win

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I've always been one to fear "change" but I've learned that it's part of life. One element of living that's un "change" able, one thing always to occur, whether you're ready for it or not.

One aspect of life you can't always prepare yourself for, but rather be forced to accept. The face of "change" is always revolving, fast or slow, placing beautiful and strenuous expectancies, never known what's next to come.

"Change" is a face much like mine, placed in any given moment, where feelings remain unacknowledged, irrelevant, yet the happenings still follow through.

One could hold all the feelings in the world but "change" doesn't care, it doesn't stop, it always finds you. The world alone never stops turning in the face of "change", even though for a moment you'd wish it to.

The face of "change" is hurtful, fearing, and always a bit unknown, yet must be faced, unwillingly at times, answers not always found.

The face of "change" is not always forgiving or forgetful but becomes easier to surpass when you learn to forgive the unknown and become one with yourself.

I've learned that "change" holds no blatant intention for fear, blame, or pain it carries with.. but only intended to carry the path paved, allowing us to see what hand we've been dealt.

"Change" forces strength deep within and only holds you true to face yourself. Life isn't always beautiful, but what remains is a view of its own. LIFE is dependant on our own perception...carry on or wither with it, the choice is always YOURS.

When all control feels dismissed, just remember that "change" holds one thing, known....we, all people, are never one to have faced any given occurrence alone. Effects may vary yet change affects everyone.

Hold your heart, free your feelings, keep open eyes and face the next step in life with open arms. Don't let "change" be the one to win or hold a grudge deep within. Allow it to help mold you.

Allow it to help place what at times feels like an empty soul, on a higher, stronger shelf.

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