Hilary's Story - Coming out of a darkness

Here is Hilary's inspirational story of gratitude.

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I was going through a very rough fog. I moved into my mom's house with my 5 kids and it quickly became a toxic environment.

I was living in her basement. It was depressing and dark and I felt a need to escape.

I turned to talking to men and drinking and smoking in my bathroom most nights and not getting any sleep many of those nights.

I prayed and I hoped for a change. One day my friend Shawn messaged me and we have always had this oddly satisfying connection.

We decided to date. We ended up living in hotels before finding a house together.

Within this time my oldest daughter wanted nothing to do with my new partner and retaliated with the help of her narcissistic father and stepmother.

She feared it would be abusive or bad like my past relationship. She refused to come to my house.

The cops were involved and it was a hard time. This threw me into a super bad depression and I ended up going to the behavioral unit in a hospital for treatment.

My now fiance drove me there and cried as I left the car saying, "They're going to help you, baby."

He kept my kids and I was admitted for 4 days. We hit a bad spell and I attempted to take my life.

After this, I slowly began to turn around and haven't had as many awful days. My fiance has been a lifesaver. He helped me through such a difficult time.

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