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I am living alone now after my wife died of breast cancer almost two years ago. It was so sad for me because she never told me or anybody else about her condition.

Our two daughters have been married and live in their own homes. My youngest son recently moved to her sister’s house as it is more practical to be nearer to his work.

I love journalizing my life because I want to go back to my memories someday when times are lonely and when I'm weary to find my inspirations back and be inspired by them again.

I write them in my iPad notes but I stopped when it saturated and became boring to do. I tried searching from the App Store.. and read about the Gratitude app.

I have high expectations so far when I tried to respond to the “get started” buttons. I am convinced I am at home here.

On the other hand, I did messenger chats to my friends to unload some ideas, and by sharing them somehow I will be declogging my mind, however often I could not express my thoughts freely with fear of being misunderstood or being at risk of too much exposure which becomes stressful after a while.

I need to unload my thoughts every day to get me going with a healthy mindset. I wish I could communicate with God for all my gratitude to Him.. and to write about my gratefulness in life.

Putting them into writing is substantive proof of my true and honest thoughts.. no pretensions and no self-gratification.. because they are all appreciation of others and most especially to my God who is with Me.

We are often told by others “to count our Blessing.” The Gratitude app will mean a lot to me and I shall be forever grateful. God bless!

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