Isaiah's Story - Gratitude in Pursuit of Growth

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I had an epiphany a few months ago in the middle of an argument with my ex-girlfriend.

It’s like a part of me pushed through a threshold where I had kept silent of my thoughts I was able to speak freely without fear or regret of what I said because it was in my heart.

It was one, if not the first, of the moments I had spoken to God without a choreographed speech or forced dialogue. And I could hear him speak back at that moment. I was super grateful to know that my connection was there.

From that day I tried to be more grateful and remind myself that every day what I could improve was worthy of gratitude! In the smallest conversations as a practice, I would thank my friends or random people for being a part of my day.

If I reflected on a random memory I would reach out to tell the said person I was grateful for them. And the results of that have been positive beyond measure. Do I have days that I get down?

Yes, of course, I’m still human but I still try to turn those days around where before I would wallow in self-pity and for that piece of growth and I am thankful and proud of myself for achieving.

I still have a long way to go but I’m sure the Gratitude app will aid in that journey and I’ll have visual proof of what I’m grateful for as well as my journal. I am in a more stable state of mind as I stated some days are tough but I know that tomorrow will be better.

If not tomorrow I have the next day, if not then I have next week or next year, whenever the next day comes I know it’ll be worthy of being grateful for because I still have life in my body that some angels no longer have a soul in place of theirs and for that I am thankful.

It’s a warming feeling to know that I am becoming a better person each day and acknowledging that and showing appreciation for my growth has given me the ability to love others as well as loving myself! For that I am grateful!

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