Mya's Story - Growth by Demand

Here is a real-life inspirational story of gratitude by Mya.

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Last year my family & I went through something life-changing. Something not everyone would get through stronger than ever. I’m only 17, I turn 18 in 2 months. Okay, it’s 2019, we move into a new house.

Over some time I and my brother would always say we want a bigger house just nagging being ungrateful & not thinking. I wish I never would have said those things, we might have still been in a home together.

In 2020 we got a call saying we have to move out in December because they are selling the house. We were just renting it. As the time comes to move my dad gets sick, he was having heart problems.

He had to stop working for a long time so we had no source of income because my mom doesn’t work, only my dad. We had money saved up to find a house but nothing was ever available.

So when December hit & it’s time to move, we have nowhere to go. Fortunately, my dad's sister had a house in Nashville to stay at but it's super old. My dad and brother decided to move to Nashville. I and my mom stayed in town.

We hopped around 2 houses until we moved into my grandma's old house. We had not planned on being split up long at all but we couldn’t control how long we were apart because there were no houses available for us.

So the family is split up now & that hurt. Through all of this though, I decided to change… to grow. I started being grateful for everything I have.

Even the smallest things. I took our last home for granted. I’m more than grateful right now for what I have even if it's less than what I previously had.

I never take things for granted anymore. The Gratitude app 100% helped me in the beginning stages of this change. I used it every day. I got to know myself better, love myself more, and appreciate life more.

This unfortunate situation we are living through right now has opened my eyes and has made me realize all the good life has to offer. Being grateful has opened me up to abundance. Every day I meditate, do yoga, work out, and just be happy with what I have.

This has made me grow beyond what I would have if we didn’t move. This situation is very unfortunate but I’m so so grateful for this experience.

Having gratitude is just so vital in life. The things you love & desire you will always come to have. Losing everything humbled me & helped me change my mindset.

I am forever grateful for this app because it really helped me so much & still does. It plays a huge role in where I am in my life right now. I’m happy & thriving thanks to gratitude.

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