Jillian's Story - How To Be More Grateful When You Already Think You Are Grateful

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I would say my life was pretty good and I was pretty happy, I felt grateful for everything that I had, and for the most part, I felt grateful every day also.

I have known about the practice of gratitude for about six years and I didn’t always practice it the way I had learned by writing it down or anything. I just thought if I thought it would be enough.

I discovered the Gratitude app from a friend who posted some quotes from it on social media and once I saw them I knew it was something that I needed in my life.

I went to the App Store and searched for it until I found it and once I  had it I used it almost every day. After a couple of months, I fell into a funk and didn’t look at it as much as I used to.

Last year, right before Covid-19 hit my family, my husband, my kids, and I was in a roll-over car accident.

It was after that I started to wonder, have I been grateful as much as I thought? Had I been taking life for granted? What do I need to change to make sure that I am giving gratitude every day?

It took me a few months to figure out what I need to do to make the change. The answers were simple I just needed to apply them to my everyday life.

They were to write down every day everything I am grateful for and to read the inspiring quotes and apply them to my life.

It was around my birthday last year (2020) when it really hit me that I needed to add more gratitude to my life.

Since that time I started writing down things that I am grateful for and I use the app for the inspirational quotes to apply to myself and share to others to help inspire them.

By adding this to my daily life, it has brought me more peace, happiness, and love. It helps me to see more and put things into a bigger perspective and I take the time to respond instead of reacting to situations.

It has helped me to become a better and more understanding mom to my kids as well and to truly realize how precious life is and we really should be grateful for every day we get to live.

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Team Gratitude

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