Jignesh's Story - Magical 999 days

Here is an inspirational story of gratitude from Jignesh.

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Till 2016 I was not aware of the concept such as Gratitude so for every Good or Bad Thing that happened to me I would derive different reasons or meanings out of it.

Life was quite unstable on many fronts (Personal, Physical, Financial) with a lot of questions, confusions & no answers...

One day my wife introduced me to the concept of Secret/Magic/Power of positive thinking & books by Rhonda Byrne & I started performing/writing Magic practices as mentioned in the book.

I started liking & believing in the concept as I started getting hints & results. Somewhere in 2018, once again my wife (Prachi) introduced me to the Gratitude app, as she knew I believe in Magic n magic practices & at that time I was going through the toughest phase in my life with Health issues & financial mess.

So I embarked on my journey with the Gratitude app. I started writing a journal every day from August 2018 & since then it has become part of my life. I am actually addicted to it & am grateful about it.

A mobile screenshot showing Jignesh's 999 days journal streak

I have completed an unbroken streak of 999 days. That is self-explanatory. I can say that concept of Gratitude & the App has changed me as an individual & brought many positive changes to my mind & Heart & become part of my identity now, it's Magical, it's kind of an OXYGEN (O2) for me.

I Thank my wife, Gratitude & Pritesh for the App.

Grateful Always,


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