Mitch's Story - I am Grateful

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My name is Mitch. I live in the United States, in a town named Las Vegas, in the state of Nevada. Welcome, everyone, to 2021; the Year of Love and Kindness.

My journey through recovery from Addiction has Gratefulness as one of its core principles. My life before I woke up in a hospital, and remembered why I cannot do the things I have habitually done, did not include the concept of ‘Gratitude’.

Of course, I would be thankful for things and stuff and self-motivated experiences. Short-term satisfaction of the physical, tangible world.

I don’t think I was a total ass; My Mother and Father did instill deep appreciation and respect in me. Yet, when it came to real Gratitude, that was an elusive experience that existed only as a word on a page.

My habits nowadays seem to be keeping me out of strange places, both in mind and body. Now, as I slowly, methodically unravel tightly-wound rope under the rat’s nest of my mind, I am able to glimpse a tiny gift.

Wrapped in colorful paper, only a corner visible under layers of twine, this gift calls to me. Waits for me. It’s not yet time to open it.

Of course, I don’t know what this gift is (gifts are meant to be a surprise, after all) or even ‘who’ it’s from. But I am already, absolutely, humbly Grateful for it.

In the last 8 months, I have learned to recognize lessons in mistakes, recognize something about myself in everyone I meet, and to see only Love and kindness in my future. All of which stems from simply being Grateful.

My discovery of The Gratitude App (or did it find me?) and the willingness to use it regularly are Blessings from God. My life is enriched by recognizing the myriad and enormity of “Grats” laid before me every, single day. [I guess I’m calling opportunities for Gratitude ‘Grats’?]

I am thankful and grateful beyond rational metrics for the difficult and selfless work Pritesh and his team have invested in Gratitude. It’s working...for me. Thank you.

Team Gratitude

Team Gratitude

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