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Here is an inspirational story of gratitude from Sankirthana.

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Hi there, I'm Sankirthana and I'm seventeen years old! Being a teenager I personally struggled a lot with my unexpected circumstances last few years or months.

I was so dumb I mean I used to have all sorts of negative thoughts and vibes all the time I was literally sulking, all these things were happening like at the end of last year and at the time, I was blindly assuming that as soon as Jan 1st begins everything will change I had a blind belief.

But a little later I realized that nothing is gonna change!!! And the change will be only in the dates (i.e from 2020 to 2021) but that's not gonna change my situation and my mentality!

Then I started my thinking process about how can I bring the changes in my life, so after thinking and analyzing a lot, I found a result- that it's I - Myself is the one who's the person whom I actually required to the fullest.

Then I started to listen and watch many motivational videos and podcasts of like-minded people and they talked a lot about SELF LOVE and GRATITUDE PRACTICE and I was wondering about how gratitude will help me, but later I researched a lot about the gratitude practice and how it could change a person's life totally.

Then!! In Play Store, I searched for gratitude apps and I found this amazing app - 'GRATITUDE APP' which literally is changing my life in a very grateful manner!! And I also realized about self-love!! Here you go, this is my vision of self-love!!

• S e l f  L o v e

Love yourself the way you are! 'Cause, that's gonna bother you in many minute things even the ones u doesn't really realize. Be like - if someone likes you - it's ok! And if someone doesn't like you - it's ok!

Cause that's the thing exactly what it is, everyone has their own taste of life but make sure you live in yours!!! You need not resist your feelings or anything which comes deep inside You for anybody's judgments!!

If you feel to express your happiness DON'T HESITATE! Expressing our happiness is the best thing to do (no matter what it is) and you will see many variations in the reactions of people [and one thing what you will notice is SOME PEOPLE get envy or some will get irritated, by then you will be able to know and eliminate many shitty souls around you]

It's not only important to exfoliate our skin, it's very much important to exfoliate our life (at least once in a while) you don't need those people that spread or induce or that are filled with toxicity!

You have the right to eliminate them out of your life!! It's your damn life and You should be or You're responsible to make it the way it really deserves!!

Have an urge to know the purest form of your soul and please it (Remember You aren't a people pleaser!!) Find your destination and explore! (it doesn't only literally mean the geographical destinations or whatsoever)

BE OPTIMISTIC !! No matter the situation never let your emotions overpower your intelligence! Just a step towards knowing why this damn planet is given or provided to Us/Me/You Because life is very.........Bigger than what you see, KNOW YOUR OWN WORTH!!!

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