Elizabeth's Story - Ungrateful to Grateful

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Before I started practicing being grateful and especially before I got the Gratitude app, which sends me reminders to be grateful(very helpful). I was stuck in my cycle of negative behavior.

I would do something I knew was wrong, or not the best choice, then I would explain/excuse the behavior away or blame it on something else, i.e. I would be unfaithful to my partner instead of talking out what I needed and excuse it away by saying “well he doesn’t give me the attention I need, so I get it elsewhere”, or “he was mean and didn’t give me exactly what I wanted/needed”.

Gratitude has come into my life when I truly really needed a serious wake-up call, I am so happy and grateful for this app.

It’s really hard on bad days to remember to journal and actually speak or even think nice about myself in a good way! This app really picks me up when I need it.

I stumbled upon the app after learning that when I started acting grateful for what I actually had and not upset at what I didn’t have.

Looking in the App Store, I tried countless gratitude and positivity apps before falling in love with Gratitude. It really makes you think about things you normally wouldn’t or don’t want to think about.

I have really noticed that the more I use the app and follow the prompts, actually think about what is being asked and try to really feel my way through the journal entry, be honest with myself and make sure I try my best, I always feel better about it after.

I feel lighter/happier/better and able to love past things and focus on the next right choice. Thank you so much for creating this app and saving not only my life but my relationship as well I can never thank you enough truly 🙏🏽❤️

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Team Gratitude

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