Healing Affirmations, Why you should love yourself first, and Karin's story

Hey grateful people! Happy to see you again 🤗

Hope that you're all doing very well and living life gratefully.

Here are last week's highlights for you:

Mindful Monday

On this Monday, we practiced healing affirmations to bless ourselves and our lives with positive healing energy.

Here are the affirmations:

  1. I give myself permission to heal.
  2. I am willing to be at peace with myself and everyone.
  3. My immune system is healthy and strong.
  4. I am grateful for my body.
  5. I am surrounded by healing energy.
  6. I love and care for my body and it cares for me.
  7. I release the past and trust that everything is happening for my greatest good.
  8. I trust that everything in my life is unfolding perfectly.
  9. I always choose love.
  10. I am happy to be alive.

Dive into a 5-minute mindful session of these affirmations below:

Wise Wednesday

“To love without knowing how to love wounds the people we love.”
- Thich Nhat Hanh

The words “love yourself first” can be taken in many different directions. One can take it as being selfish, always looking out for yourself at the expense of others.

Love is about understanding, care, trust, respect, and best intentions.

In fact, if you love yourself, you can love others in the healthiest way. So, keeping that in mind, here are 3 reasons why you should love yourself first:

  1. You won’t project your issues on others
  2. It makes you independent
  3. You’ll make better decisions

Tap below for my explanation of each point:

You can also read the blog post here:

3 Reasons Why You Should Love Yourself First
You might’ve heard about loving yourself first and not taken it seriously. Here are 3 reasons why it’s important to do and how it’ll help you love others truly.

Thankful Thursday

Here we had Karin with her gratitude journey. It's a story of finding ways to help yourself and how external support can be really empowering in one's healing journey.

"I feel like we as humans, in general, we're not grateful enough. Sometimes we just focus on the really bad parts, on what goes wrong, and then we don't realize what goes right.

I think even at work, sometimes I feel underappreciated. It's like all the things that you do, and then no one thanks you for it, but when it goes wrong, they come after you for it.

So when the positive happens, no one gives you anything about it. I feel that sometimes people are not grateful enough."

Tap below to listen to Karin speak her story:

And, here's the written version of it:

Karin’s story - My support system
“I think sometimes it’s nice to have your own ways to deal, instead of just having a support system.”

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