Jacinta's Story - Internet and Social Connection

"Hardships hurt less once we accept them."

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I have been very fortunate.

My life started with severe adversities. Although I haven't fully healed emotionally/psychologically yet, I have come a long way.

I have been joined by some of the most beautiful souls that have ever walked the earth on my healing journey.

This includes top-level medical care, allied health care, and nursing care in my home, beautiful friends, and my son.

I am afforded the dignity to live in my own home and be cared for from my own bed.

I won't lie. My inability to socialize, contribute, and physically self-care in the way I want, is very painful.

However, gratitude is what keeps me in the moment and still open to the wonderment in the world, in each moment.

The internet is a blessing to me. It is my gateway to the world. I can video chat with friends all over the world.

I have my medical and some allied health appointments via Skype. I keep connected with three 1.5 hr Zoom meetings a week.

I also join audio friendship groups and I have email volleys with my friends that keep us in touch.  

My friends do visit as do my Allied Health providers as well as nursing/carers and my son.

I have good digital relationships with my neighbors despite being stuck in bed.

Gratitude enables a serenity that helps me manage the pain and adversity which is merely an inevitable part of life.

Hardships hurt less once we accept them. Apps do a lot to improve my quality of life.

The ability to stream opens up my world - not just for entertainment, and information but for cutting-edge psychological theories that helped me endure what I cannot control.

I also connect via writing platforms.

Gratitude helps us achieve healthy doses of Dopamine, Oxytocin, and Serotonin in a healthy way.

Gratitude is so important. Did I mention I have the best cat as an assistance animal?

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Team Gratitude

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