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"The world runs at such a fast pace..."

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Hello, my name is Jade, and I want to share my year of trial and tribulation with my own mind, which has been an uphill battle. From a young age, I trained my mind to be on guard at all times against any possible danger or threat, and I carried that into adulthood, only bringing more negative thoughts and experiences into my life.

The world runs at such a fast pace, and there is so much negativity that our brains can easily pick up on, based on what we invest our time in. It’s everywhere: the shows we watch, the music we listen to, the people we surround ourselves with, and then come the thoughts that we think and tell ourselves.

They will either make you or break you in the moment if you let them. I take full responsibility for sitting in the puddle of negativity, as it became almost a way for me to feel sorry for myself, to hug myself in my own tears and despair. Being alone isn’t easy, especially when you are surrounded by millions of people on this planet and have a lot of trust issues.

Just know that the Gratitude app was suggested to me by my sponsor, and it has been a ritual I perform every morning. Even in the middle of my hectic day, it can take me from a spinning "poor me, why me, what’s going on" headspace to "oh my goodness, I am so overreacting right now, and there is so much I have that others do not." It could always be worse.

I am grateful for this app. I am grateful for the moments it has allowed me to escape from a void of eternal sinking due to a small bad feeling to a quick flip of "your life is blessed, and use it wisely, especially your perspective".

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Team Gratitude

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