Keerthi's Story - From Complaints to Cheers

"It ended up changing my whole life..."

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Hey everyone,

I just had to share how this Gratitude app turned my everyday routine into something amazing. At first, I got it just to see something positive every day, you know, a little pick-me-up. But, surprise surprise, it ended up changing my whole life.

In the beginning, I wasn't using it much – busy with stuff, you know? But I'd get these cool quotes in my notifications that I really liked. One day, I told my friend about it, and she started using it too. We'd chat about it, and that got me more interested.

Then, I took this self-love course by Aarushi, and wow, it made a big difference. It showed me how to really use the app, and how to genuinely feel grateful. I used to think I could only be grateful for big things, but this course opened my eyes. Now, I make a Gratitude entry every day and check out the daily Zen – it's become my routine.

And guess what? My life has totally changed. Before, I used to complain a lot, see the bad side of things, and feel kinda alone and sad. Now, I'm all about the positive vibes. I even help others look on the bright side. I find gratitude in everything, and when I'm alone, I feel at peace. I'm even smiling more – the app did that!

Big thanks to everyone behind the Gratitude app – the developers, artists, and Aarushi for showing me a new perspective. Special thanks to the person who created this app; I read your story, sir, and it inspired me. I really hope this app reaches more people. Thanks for reading my story.


Team Gratitude

Team Gratitude

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