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"Let me tell you about my life prior to gratitude."

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I have always heard about the benefits of being grateful, but I honestly never experienced them until recently. Let me tell you about my life prior to gratitude.

I would always be in a fussy mood about little things going wrong or at least not the way I wanted them to go. And I wasn't happy because many things didn't go my way. I was definitely immature. To say the least, I was a spoiled brat, and I knew it.

However, with age comes maturity, and I was blessed enough to mature at the age of 34... late bloomer, I know. I started reading more about gratitude and loving life... slowly but surely the ideas seeped into my mind, and I started believing them and living by them.

This was the beginning of happiness for me. I started writing in a gratitude journal and counting my blessings mentally wherever I went. I genuinely felt good every time I practiced gratitude, so I started doing more of it. The more grateful I was for my blessings, the more I appreciated them and took better care of them. And I suppose that's how they maintained and kept growing. Wherever your attention goes, energy flows.

This app helped me get to where I am because it gave me daily reminders and quotes that inspired me greatly. I really do recommend it to my family and friends and to anyone who wishes to be happy.

Thank you for the opportunity to hear my gratitude story. I hope whoever is reading this can feel grateful for so many things such as the ability to read or to have a phone. To be connected to the world is by far the biggest blessing. I truly hope we can cause a shift and inspire everyone in the world to be grateful 🙏 thank you for reading.

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