Manan's Story - Rock Bottom to Mountain High

"Little did I know it was when things would turn bad, and I would have to seek help."

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Dear Readers,

I wish you all happiness and love. Today I am sharing my gratitude story and how I started finding gratitude in the smallest of stuff and turned myself from complaining to appreciating.

I was doing CA (Chartered Accountancy - one of the most valuable courses in the commerce domain in India. It is a 4.5-5 year course on average) and was with my high school love. It was all happy till the 1st year of CA. As this course demands dedication and sacrifices, I was not able to give time to her, which made things worse. Still, we managed to be with each other. It started in high school and made it to the 2nd year of my CA.

Things started taking a sad turn. She wanted an Instagramish love, and I wanted to keep it old school, so I took the bold step and initiated a breakup, and eventually, we broke up.

After the 2nd year, you have to do 2.5 years of internship in this course. As I was so disheartened and vulnerable, I fell in love with one of my fellow interns, and little did I know it was when things would turn bad, and I would have to seek help.

She used to appreciate me a lot because I was good at making jokes and was able to keep the mood light and fun. But later on, as I conveyed my feelings, she started abusing me. She said, "You are so negative that I wish I never had you as a friend." I was heartbroken and started hating myself. Man, I tell you, even after saying this, she didn't stop talking with me. It went all fine. After the said incident, I still had feelings for her; it's just that I was hoping things would turn out better, and I would approach her again.

But this remark of hers about me being negative is when it all started. I started feeling worse day by day and started to hate everyone around me. I started complaining about the littlest things possible. This made my relations with people worse. I was not able to concentrate on my studies.

We came back from study leave, and in the meanwhile, she fell for someone else, and I was left all alone. Results came, and I FAILED. Hit the rock bottom of my life. First failure in life, and I was so confused that I didn't know what to do where I went wrong. Later, I realized because of this attitude, the attitude of not feeling grateful cost me.

This time I sought help. In my family, I was very close to my maternal uncle's wife (Maami), and she asked me to attend a workshop organized by an organization named COACH FOR LIFE. It had a 30-day workshop on the book THE MAGIC by Rhonda Byrne.

That workshop changes me. I started practicing gratitude. It didn't happen in one day; it took me 4-5 months to realize, and I started seeing results. I was able to sleep peacefully and was happy. Later on, I started keeping my distance from her, and however tough it was for the short term, it was necessary for long-term happiness, and I cleared CA on my second attempt :)

Today, I practice gratitude every single day. The Gratitude App helps me in doing that. The first thing in the morning is to see the daily quotes, doses of motivation, and stories of people who have practiced gratitude.

Thank you team Gratitude for this app and keeping it an ad-free experience. I wish you success and happiness. Thank you, thank you, Thank you.

Team Gratitude

Team Gratitude

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