Maria's Story - A Healing Journey

"Step into your power and build a better you..."

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I downloaded Gratitude shortly after a major breakup in January of 2023. I thought this person was the love of my life. I had pictured a whole life with them. I was completely blindsided, and it broke me. I completely trusted them with everything, only to find out they had been leading me on for months.

For a while, I focused a lot on the negatives. My insecurities were stronger than ever, and I found myself fighting bad depression, thinking about what this meant for my life and who I am as a person. Unfortunately, I couldn't afford therapy, so I turned to self-help books and podcasts. One word that kept being repeated was the value of journaling. I looked up some journaling apps, and the Gratitude app was one that spoke to me, so I downloaded it, and my gratitude journey began.

I dedicated myself to making an entry at least once a day, sometimes more. It forced me to focus on all the positives in my life. I especially liked the questions that made me reflect on what I was grateful for within me, given that I was still battling my insecurities. Being reminded to focus on the positives and choose to be grateful for those things helped my spirits begin to lift.

I also love that the app offers gratitude cards that I can send to loved ones. My friends have appreciated receiving the cards, and my relationships with them have strengthened because of it. My friend groups and I are all working adults who are also neurovariant, so sometimes it can be a major struggle to stay connected to each other and maintain our relationship. Simply sending a card to them helped us maintain our emotional connection even if we couldn't have full conversations. I still send them to this day.

Eventually, I found myself feeling grateful for the breakup! Finally being able to find the positives in everything that happened helped me step into my power. I'm grateful I was released from a situation where I was constantly questioning myself, on edge, and walking on eggshells.

I'm grateful I was able to finally learn how to love myself without the validation of a romantic partner. I'm grateful that I was able to revisit my passions and learn to love them again after pouring so much of myself into someone else (who clearly didn't deserve it anyway). Most of all, I'm grateful for the lessons the breakup taught me, and I feel that it will make my current and future relationships stronger and more meaningful.

This app truly helped me to become a happier person. Even on my lowest days, it reminds me that as bad as things may be, I can always find the positives. I'm grateful for the Gratitude app and the lessons it's taught me. I don't feel the need to religiously journal every day anymore, but I do still partake in the daily zen and try to journal several times a week. I would recommend this app to anyone, but especially anyone who is going through rough times. Step into your power and build a better you. It took months of work, and I'm still working on myself, but it is worth it.

In the attached pictures, the thing I love most is the way you can visibly SEE the difference between my glow and my energy.

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