Derith's Story - My Morning Glory

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I began using the Gratitude app back in November 2020, shortly after completing a group coaching program on recharging energy and learning healthy habits.

Gratitude, feeling grateful, and recognizing simple ways we can do that daily, was omnipresent in that group coaching program and it inspired me to dig a little deeper.

Plus, the burnout from quarantine was real and I knew I needed something more structured to create a practice that was consistent and easy to do.

Gratitude has always been something I say but have learned that it isn’t about having an attitude of gratitude but rather a practice of gratitude and your app allowed it to be easy for me to make it a daily practice.

I found the app by searching “gratitude” in the App store for a client of mine and your app popped up. So I thought I’d give it a try and see if I liked it. I loved it and so I’ve stuck with it.

I wanted to easily record what I was grateful for each day and this app made that feel easy instead of writing it down, I could easily do it right on my phone!

I have only missed 2 days since November 16th and within the first 5-7 days, I noticed how much brighter and lighter everything was.

I felt like I was appreciating the little things around me so much more… sunshine, hot coffee, a sweet text, the softness of my bathrobe, etc.

I also realized how much more patience I had throughout my day as well as an overall calm that was there on the inside regardless of what was going on the outside.

I feel more relaxed… and I recognize the simple things so much more. The colors of foods, the curve of someone’s smile.

I am in awe of how much is already here right in front of me and I know that the daily practice of writing it down is what has allowed that feeling to transfer over to everything in my life.

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