Ngozi's Story - Gratitude is a Lifestyle

"I got intentional with my life."

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I used to think that gratitude was just about saying thank you. Little did I know it took more than saying thank you to actually be grateful.

I would pray about some things and get them answered, I would receive help and gifts from family and friends, I would recommend some people to things and other people. In all these, I would say thank you and receive thank you. I felt okay and enough.

I got intentional with my life activities in 2022 and I started praying for specific things and got answers to them. I was so excited and thankful that I started to worship God.

I played music from my playlist, and I had this album specifically for Thanksgiving songs. The feeling I had was so good and this prompted my desire to write the experience down.

I wanted to download a journal online and I remembered there was an app I had and journaled with before I changed phones and lost the app: "Gratitude" app!

Redownloading it and restoring my old data, I was amazed by the things I wrote down back then. They got me teary because I read things that I penned down and I understood the growth from the first year I started journaling to the recent.

At that point, I understood what gratitude meant. I loved the feeling and I said I was going to commit to it. I started sending texts to really thank people in my life and what they do.

I started using prompts from the app to be specific about what I was grateful for. The Daily Zen was amazing with its affirmations and gratitude message.

I started paying extra attention to my life and being grateful for where I am, who I am, and what I do. I ask for things but I am more grateful for the ones I have than in asking.

I set a reminder daily to use my app and be grateful for something each day.

I have moved from a girl who was just living life and flowing with things that happened to a girl who is intentional and specific about what happens to me and grateful in all.

Gratitude is not something you just do once and say it's enough. It's not something you do for a period and stop. It is a LIFESTYLE!

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