Sharmila's Story - In a journey of loving myself

"I didn't have to think about what anyone else said."

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I think nowadays, everything is so advanced and there are lots of social media and stuff from where you get such motivational videos and quotes. You'll find everything you search for in seconds, and thankfully because of that, I'm here.

Hey, I'm Sharmila from the land of the rising sun, Arunachal Pradesh. I have suffered from body shaming every time I go outside. My neighbors, some of my family members, and some of my friends tease me by calling me "moti" (which means chubby), "sungur" (pig), words like baby elephant, and so on.

Hearing such things every day eventually lowered my confidence. I used to feel unhappy about my body. I used to feel depressed so many times that I know how hard it is to see yourself in that situation where you feel so bad about yourself that you can't even explain it and burst out crying.

But I believe everything happens for a reason and so does this. And I think it's also because of a lack of gratitude. I used to think if I was slim, then everything would be good. But that's not the point.

When I realized that, I didn't have to think about what anyone else said. It's my life, so I don't have to care about what the neighbors say about my body and weight. It's my life, my decision, and yes, slowly but surely, I started to love myself.

But without gratitude, it's nothing. You have to appreciate whatever God has gifted you. And everyone has a different body, so we must appreciate it and never call ourselves not good enough, ugly, or that our body is very different from anyone else's. Because that's the reason you will start hating yourself.

I heard someone say "law of attraction," and I believe that's true. When I started practicing gratitude, it eventually changed my life. Now, I don't feel bad anymore.

Yes, I'm different, my body is different, and as for people who talk negatively about you, I don't think you have to think about them. Instead, focus on yourself. I hope my short story will help you start loving yourself and practicing gratitude. 🤍

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