100+ Shifting Affirmations to Achieve Your Dream Reality

Achieve your dream reality.

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Affirmations are the words or statements you say to yourself in response to a situation or feeling. They help us deal with challenges and encourage us to do whatโ€™s in our welfare.

Shifting affirmations are affirmations that reinforce our belief in our ability to achieve a desired reality or experience a specific kind of "shift" in our lives.

Reality shifting is often associated with the idea of consciously entering a different reality or dimension while in a state of deep relaxation or sleep.

People who engage in reality shifting often create detailed visualizations and use affirmations to support their intention of shifting to a desired reality.

These statements help us remain hopeful about a better future and keep working towards it with the belief that our efforts will reap the rewards we want.

Affirmations for shifting are strongly related to the law of attraction as they are both rooted in the idea that thoughts and beliefs can change our reality.

What you believe, you receive.

Benefits of Affirmations

Here are the benefits that have shown up in studies on affirmations. The regular practice of affirmations leads to,

  1. Reduction in harmful stress
  2. Increases openness to adopt healthier habits
  3. Less worrying and rumination
  4. Increase in resilience
  5. Control self-sabotaging thoughts and speech, shaping a positive self-talk
  6. Better mood
  7. Higher self-esteem

With that, let's now head to some powerful shifting affirmations to achieve your desired reality.

Shifting Affirmations

  1. I am shifting effortlessly to my desired reality.
  2. I am in complete control of my shifting experience.
  3. I believe in the power of my mind to shift and manifest.
  4. Every day, I am stepping closer to my dream life.
  5. Abundance flows freely into my life in my desired reality.
  6. I am surrounded by loving and supportive relationships.
  7. I attract opportunities that align with my passions and purpose.
  8. My desired reality is filled with joy and happiness.
  9. I am grateful for the abundance that manifests in my life.
  10. I radiate confidence and attract positive experiences.
  11. I am worthy of all the success and prosperity in my desired reality.
  12. I easily attract the resources needed to fulfill my dreams.
  13. My desired reality is filled with peace and tranquility.
  14. I am healthy and vibrant in my desired reality.
  15. I release all limiting beliefs and embrace infinite possibilities.
  16. Miracles and synchronicities occur naturally in my life.
  17. I am aligned with the highest version of myself in my desired reality.
  18. I attract limitless opportunities for personal and spiritual growth.
  19. My desired reality is filled with abundant love and happiness.
  20. I am a magnet for positive experiences and joyful manifestations.
  21. I trust in the process of shifting and embrace the journey.
  22. My thoughts and intentions shape my reality, and I choose to create a beautiful one.
  23. The universe fully supports me in manifesting my desired reality.
  24. I am open to receiving all the blessings and abundance that come my way.
  25. My desired reality is filled with meaningful and fulfilling experiences.
  26. I attract positive and uplifting people into my life in my desired reality.
  27. Every step I take brings me closer to the life of my dreams.
  28. I am worthy of experiencing unconditional love and happiness in my desired reality.
  29. I trust my intuition to guide me toward the right path in my desired reality.
  30. I release any fears and doubts, knowing that everything is unfolding perfectly.
  31. I effortlessly attract opportunities that align with my soul's purpose.
  32. My desired reality is a haven of peace, harmony, and balance.
  33. I am vibrant, energetic, and radiating good health in my desired reality.
  34. I am a powerful co-creator, and I consciously manifest my dreams into reality.
  35. The universe conspires to bring me closer to my desired reality every day.
  36. I attract financial abundance and prosperity with ease in my desired reality.
  37. I embrace change and adapt gracefully to the shifting circumstances in my life.
  38. My desired reality is a sanctuary of creativity, where my ideas manifest effortlessly.
  39. I release any attachment to the outcome and trust in divine timing.
  40. I am a magnet for miracles, and my desired reality is filled with magical moments.
  41. I am deeply connected to my higher self and receive divine guidance in my desired reality.
  42. My desired reality is a reflection of my inner state of love, joy, and gratitude.

Short Affirmations for Shifting

  1. Wealth manifests in my life.
  2. My desired reality is becoming real.
  3. I am grateful and joyful.
  4. I create my desired reality.
  5. Every step brings me closer to my dream life.
  6. Abundance flows to me effortlessly.
  7. I attract positive experiences.
  8. I am thankful for my dream life.
  9. I manifest my desires now.
  10. Progress leads to my desired reality.
  11. I embrace wealth and abundance.
  12. My reality transforms with gratitude.
  13. I attract joyful manifestations.
  14. I am a powerful creator.
  15. Every moment aligns with my dreams.
  16. Miracles bring my desires to life.
  17. I deserve my dream life.
  18. The universe supports my manifestations.
  19. I believe in my desired reality.
  20. Steps lead to my dream coming true.
  21. Success flows into my life effortlessly.
  22. My desired reality unfolds beautifully.
  23. I radiate joy and gratitude.
  24. I am the creator of my reality.
  25. Each moment brings me closer.
  26. Abundance is my natural state.
  27. Positive experiences are drawn to me.
  28. I am thankful for my dream unfolding.
  29. I manifest my desires with ease.
  30. Progress propels me to my desired reality.
  31. I attract wealth and prosperity.
  32. Gratitude transforms my reality.
  33. Miracles manifest in my life.
  34. I am worthy of my dream life.
  35. The universe conspires in my favor.
  36. I trust in my desired reality.
  37. Steps lead me to my dreams coming true.
  38. I embrace the power within me.
  39. My thoughts shape my reality.
  40. I believe in the magic of manifestation.
  41. My desired reality is unfolding perfectly.
  42. I am aligned with my ideal life.
  43. Happiness permeates my desired reality.
  44. I attract the experiences I desire.
  45. Each day brings my dream reality closer.
  46. I am grateful for my envisioned life.
  47. My desired reality is my present reality.
  48. The possibilities for my dream life are endless.
  49. I effortlessly manifest my desired reality.
  50. Progress propels me toward my vision.
  51. I am worthy of my dream becoming real.
  52. Abundance flows abundantly in my desired reality.
  53. Miracles materialize in my dream life.
  54. My thoughts create my desired reality.
  55. I am open and receptive to my desired experiences.
  56. The universe supports my ideal life.
  57. I believe in the magic of my desired reality.
  58. I am a magnet for all that I envision.
  59. My desired reality is filled with love and fulfillment.
  60. I joyfully live in alignment with my dreams.

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Aarushi Tewari

Aarushi Tewari

The writer and affirmations speaker at Gratitude, Aarushi believes that one of the most effective ways of feeling inner peace is by being grateful and having a loving self-relationship.

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