Su Zai's Story - A day of discovery

"I just could not accept the harsh reality..."

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Everything was the same as usual; nothing changed. The sun was shining as brightly as it used to, and the hustling and bustling of life continued. But all of a sudden, a tragic day appeared in my life and turned it upside down. I know life is all about uncertainties, but I never imagined such an unexpected thing could ever happen to me.

It was the mid of March, and I was admitted to the hospital due to a worsening health condition. My health was deteriorating with each passing day. I was almost lifeless at that time; it felt like my life was jammed. I had to go through multiple tests to get to know what was going on inside my brittle body. Only after that, a shocking reality of my life came in front of me: I got to know that I was suffering from a chronic disease.

After hearing such devastating news, my heart shattered into multiple pieces. I just could not accept the harsh reality; it felt like my life ended. I suddenly realized that now I am not a healthy person anymore. The most painful part was when I realized my body was suffering from this much pain, and I was unaware of it all this time. These were all the emotions I felt at that time on that day.

However, I was unable to understand what this disease actually taught me. It gave me a whole new lens to look at life differently. It taught me all those valuable lessons that I possibly would never be able to learn without going through this hardship.

I learned many valuable lessons that day, but the most important lesson I learned was that, in life, the much-needed thing is health. Each and everything comes after it. Happiness feels like happiness only when we are happy and healthy from within. Health is real wealth; it is the most precious gift of Allah, which he has awarded us. And in our busy lives, the first thing we neglect is our health; we don’t even have time to take care of ourselves. The one thing we always forget to prioritize is our health.

Secondly, I realized that we are never happy with the things we already have; we always seek those things that we don't have, and the urge to get those things causes unrest in our lives. We are not grateful for all those blessings that we already possess. Gratitude is also one of the lessons that I learned.

Moreover, I learned how much my family and friends cared for me. Their support gave me the strength to cope with that difficult phase of my life, and then I realized the importance of these relationships in our life, and how much we are blessed to have them.

All in all, my perspective completely changed. Now I view my surroundings differently, and this is not the end, it is just the beginning of the new me. I learned a lot of lessons from this disease, and now, I am learning from it, and this learning process will continue until I fully recover from it.

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