100 Sunday Affirmations to Celebrate the End of The Week

Let's make the most of the end of the week.

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Happy Sunday and welcome to Sunday Affirmations!

Sunday is a fun day and one with a reflection for the upcoming week. It's the day when we want to mix fun, rest, and also thinking.

I like to spend my Sundays in bed and then jump into an impromptu plan and end it by writing down my goals for the next week.

Thank you, Sunday for giving me the opportunity to do so much!

I wish you have the Sunday that you want and enjoy all of it.

Here are your Sunday Affirmations:

Sunday Affirmations

Sunday Morning Affirmations

  1. I am grateful to wake up this Sunday morning.
  2. Sunday is a wonderful day.
  3. I start this day with positive feelings and enthusiasm.
  4. I am feeling relaxed and peaceful.
  5. I am ready to have a great Sunday!
  6. Sunday is a good day.
  7. I love Sunday.
  8. I am happy with who I am.
  9. I am making the best of my day.
  10. I am grateful to be blessed with another day.
  11. Life is a beautiful experience.
  12. I am ready to have a marvelous Sunday.
  13. I enjoy every moment of Sunday.
  14. I attract the kind of life that I want.
  15. I attract opportunities beyond my wildest dreams.
  16. I attract people who are honest with me.
  17. I attract change.
  18. I attract more time for myself.
  19. I attract moments of rest.
  20. I attract moments of solitude.
  21. I am now in control.
  22. My body is calm.
  23. I am feeling better.
  24. All is well in my world.
  25. I will get through today.
  26. I welcome a sense of calm into my life.
  27. I give myself permission to feel this way without judgment.
  28. It’s okay. Everything will be fine.
  29. I am brave.
  30. I love the body I was born with.
  31. I am a special person.
  32. I have a loving relationship with my body.
  33. I embrace every bit of my body.
  34. I love myself unconditionally.
  35. I have the power to create the life I want.
  36. I can overcome any obstacle.
  37. I am worthy of true love.
  38. I feel happy.
  39. I feel peaceful.
  40. I am choosing to do kind things for myself.
  41. I love my body as it is today.
  42. I am nourishing my body with healthy food.
  43. I am worthy just as I am.
  44. I am beautiful.
  45. I love my body as it is.
  46. I give my body the respect it deserves.
  47. My body is my forever home and I am grateful for it.
  48. I feel great in my body!
  49. My body is a blessing.
  50. I treat myself with kindness.

Positive Sunday Affirmations

  1. My dreams are manifesting before my eyes.
  2. My life is filled with joy and abundance.
  3. I am a magnet to prosperity.
  4. I visualize my ideal life and I watch it manifest.
  5. I have the power to create my reality.
  6. The Universe constantly supplies money for me and I always have enough money to fulfill my needs.
  7. I appreciate all that I have.
  8. I am open and ready to attract abundance into my life.
  9. I manifest all I need with ease.
  10. I trust that everything is always working out for my highest good.
  11. I see my goals clearly.
  12. I accept healing energy from a higher power.
  13. I am ready to grow into a higher version of myself.
  14. I am open to the sacred nature of life.
  15. I am ready to manifest order and function in my life.
  16. I am ready to release shadows to be seen and felt.
  17. I am worthy.
  18. I am whole and complete.
  19. I welcome good feelings.
  20. I release feelings of guilt and negativity.
  21. I rest when my body and mind tell me to.
  22. I give praise to myself and to others naturally and effortlessly.
  23. I am worthy just as I am.
  24. I accept my body the way it is today.
  25. I allow everything to be as it is.
  26. I am ready for a new way of living.
  27. I am the exception.
  28. My thoughts create my reality.
  29. I am a winner.
  30. I am the author of my story.
  31. I am persistent.
  32. There is nothing that is out of reach for me.
  33. When I envision it, I manifest it.
  34. I attract limitless wealth.
  35. I attract miracles.
  36. I attract positivity.
  37. I attract opportunities.
  38. I attract the right people.
  39. I attract the right lessons for me.
  40. I attract creativity.
  41. I can take deep breaths.
  42. With every breath, I feel stronger.
  43. I only compare myself to myself.
  44. I can do anything.
  45. It is enough to do my best.
  46. My body is a vessel of wellness.
  47. Today I will focus on what makes me feel good.
  48. Every day is a new day full of hope, happiness, and health.
  49. I am always happy, hale, and hearty.
  50. I am vigorous, energetic, and full of vitality.

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Aarushi Tewari

Aarushi Tewari

The writer and affirmations speaker at Gratitude, Aarushi believes that one of the most effective ways of feeling inner peace is by being grateful and having a loving self-relationship.

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