Laura's Story - The Power of Gratitude

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I have always had a life full of abundance, health, and love. But, I never knew it.
I mean, I knew I lived in prosperity, I wanted for nothing, I was in excellent health and I had a family that loved me and whom I loved.

But I thought that was a given so it wasn’t something to celebrate. I took it for granted and only noticed what I didn’t have.

It was noticing what I didn’t have that brought me to the lowest point in my life a few years ago. I felt trapped and hopeless. I didn’t know what to do. All I knew was that I had to feel better somehow, and I innately knew that I was the only one that could do that for me.

I started at the library reading self-help books. In my readings, the concept of gratitude really resonated with me. Writing down what I was grateful for seemed manageable; a good first step to feeling better.

I got out a notebook and set out to write down all I was grateful for. I was shocked to discover that this was hard for me! I couldn’t think of anything!!

Then I found the Gratitude app. I downloaded it because of the preview that talked about the “little things”. I never even considered that.

So I began writing down what I thought was the obvious: I have a wonderful family, the sun is out today, I have my health, I have a lovely home, etc.

I really liked seeing my list fill up. It made me look for more “little things”.
In the beginning, I would feel happy writing down my list, but then I would quickly forget and fall into sadness again.

So, I would go back and re-read my lists from the past. I had forgotten that just hours and days before some really wonderful things had crossed my path!

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I am blessed and grateful!

Having the Gratitude App was wonderful because I could jot down something nice that happened to me right away since, at that time, I quickly forgot about it.

And I could re-read the lovely things I noticed or encountered in days past to keep my spirits up and keep me looking for more!

Focusing on what you don’t have is a habit. When you start focusing on the good, your entire mindset and attitude change. This app helps you create a new habit. A great habit!

That is what happened to me. I started to focus only on the good. And as I focused on it, I saw more and more of it.

The Gratitude App has played a significant role in helping me to change my focus and thus change my life.

I have a happy life full of abundance, health, and love. I always have. And now I know it and I cherish it!

So when things don’t go as planned, when the unwanted experience crosses my path, it is not so bad. There is so much more that is working so well and I focus on that.

I have not missed a day of expressing my gratitude since discovering the Gratitude App. I look forward to it – it is one of the highlights of my day!
I am blessed and grateful!

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