Trisha's Story - Small Acts of Kindness

"I saw a sign that I looked forward to every morning..."

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I used to have a long, boring 40-minute commute down a lengthy 2-lane road every weekday morning. I made the same monotonous trip over and over for about 7 years. There was 1 house, however, on my route that broke up that monotony.

Every day or so, someone posted a sign outside of the house with a message. I have no idea if it was a man, woman, or child, or if they were black, white, gay, or straight. I only saw a sign that I looked forward to every morning.

Christmas time came, and I was all in my feels, as I often am during the holidays. Appreciative of the signs during my morning commute to work, I filled out a blank card I had sitting around my house and addressed it to "The Sign Family." It wasn't much, just a note to express my gratitude for them beginning my morning with an uplifting quote or witty remark, as clearly, they were doing this task as a way to spread positivity and happiness.

I signed the card with my initials, "td", in the manner I always do, lowercase with the "d" tail circled around the letters. I stopped quickly in front of their house, embarrassed to be doing something so cheesy, shoved the card into the mailbox, and headed to work. The very next day, a new sign was posted. It was posted just for me. 🥰

This was well over a decade ago. I keep pictures of the sign as a reminder that even the smallest, simplest of good deeds make a difference. I think about it from time to time and hope I always remember this sweet interaction. I hope this story encourages you to find beauty in the smallest of things, notice kindness in the most unexpected places, and make an effort to brighten someone's day. Someone out there on their long, boring commute through their day/week/year just might need it! 😊

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